We cerebrate

Old yet beautiful

Athletic yet luxurious

Chic yet eccentric

Discipline yet kind

Bold yet elegant

Feminine yet masculine


Perfectly imperfect.


The designer, Momoko Higashifushimi is based in New York City with an upbringing in Japan. With a BFA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design and a well-trained eye for quality and craftsmanship, Momoko designs around a striking tension between two opposite extremes where she finds the existence of glamour within complexity.

She spent her early career working as a Head Handbag and Accessories Designer in luxury brands such as Calvin Klein Collection, Helmut Lang and Zero+Maria Cornejo. Her deep involvement in the fashion world influenced her unique point of view on furniture and the relationship to their spaces. This helps her create a vision for her designs as if they are jewelry and accessories for women.

June 26.JPG

Momoko enjoys working with a trusted network of fabricators throughout the United States to access broad variety of forward technique and its production which each piece is hand assembled and finished with utmost care.

Her goal is to create thoughtful yet tangible pieces that enrich our lives with a seamless balance of artistry and elegant solutions for living.